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Kitchen Compost Bin

A kitchen compost bin is one of the first tools you should get when you decide to make compost kitchen waste for you garden. You’ll find that a indoor compost bin will make your life easier and the composting experience more pleasant.
As anyone who has tried saving food waste for the garden can tell you it is not always convenient. Making multiple trips out  to the garden to deposit the food waste in the garden compost bin can be time a bother  especially if you compost bin is located away from you kitchen. The home composter  must also contend with the odor of the decaying food, the pests the kitchen compost  bin can attract and  the unattractiveness of the  container of old food. But a  kitchen compost bin can eliminate these problems and make it more likely that  the food waste makes it to the garden.

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Quick Composting

Composting can be simple.  It’s something that just happens naturally over time as organic matter is broken down by soil organisms. The bacteria, fungii, worms and insects eat the organic matter and turn it into compost. The problem most people have with the process is it takes too long. They want their compost fast. So they buy compost starters, compost bins and compost tumblers. They make sure they have a pile with the proper carbon to nitrogen ratio of 25 to 1. And they turn the piles and water it in order to get the compost as quickly as possible. I always seemed like a lot of work to me. I’m a pretty lazy guy. As in I’m always looking for the simplest easiest way to do any job. I figure as long as it gets good results than easy is best.  As far as time is concerned I tend to measure time in terms  of how much of my time  I spend  doing a job rather than how much time passes chronologically.

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Compost: Nice and Easy

Nothing benefits a garden like a few buckets of nice, fluffy compost. It enriches the soil by adding nutrients and improving the texture. To that end, I decided to take the logical approach and do some research. One book explained the whole compost scene in one thousand pages. After two hundred pages, my brain raced with factiods, chemical components of about fifty different grasses and far too many rules.

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