Setting Smart Health and Fitness Goals

We live in strange times, obesity and lifestyle diseases like diabetes are on the rise in America while the health fitness and diet industries are booming, despite the fact those industries don’t seem to be able to solve the problem. Does that make sense? If the health and fitness industry had the keys to improving people’s health wouldn’t obesity and lifestyle diseases be going down? I don’t know but one thing I do know is that something needs to be done about the situation. Luckily there is something else I know: I know that if you want to improve your health and stem the tide of lifestyle disease to you need to set some fitness goals and stick to them.

I read some where that the key to successful goal setting is to set goals that are specific, measurable and action oriented. What that means is you want state your goal in a way that you can picture what you goal will look like because you are being specific about what you want. You have some objective measure of success including milestones and a target date by which you’ll reach your goal. And you set your goal so you know what actions you are going to take to reach you take to reach you goal. those three rules are goal setting in a nut shell . But given the fact that every year people set New Year Resolutions on January first and many of them don’t make it to January second, I think something else is needed.

The thing I think is needed is to make your goals smaller and more manageable. Setting up and achieve smaller more manageable goals will make it easier for you to reach the bigger goals you have. For instance make it your goal to drink 1 glass of water when you wake up in the morning every day. The goal of drinking at least one glass of water a day is a simple easy to achieve goal, that will improve you health in a tiny way. Try it out for a while. You could easily drink 1 glass of water that every day then add more fitness activities very gradually once drinking that glass of water is a habit.

After you’ve created you first health habit then you can add new health habits to your day. I find it is something that happens automatically. I find myself skipping a piece of cake or taking a little walk at lunch Just because I have started the ball rolling and I’ve succeeded at making that small change into a new habit. As time goes by you can build on that small first success. You can incrementally improve your health by avoiding the dramatic hard to sustain changes that characterize most people’s goal setting and New Year Resolutions.

Give it a try, set a mini health goal like 5 minutes of calisthentics in the morning or a 15 minute walk on lunch break. Or how about committing to not eating after 8 at night. Set a goal so tiny you almost can’t help but do it. Set your mini goals keep them and you may find they all work together help you to reach a your larger fitness and health goals.

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