Hydroponic Fertilizer- Magnesium and Sulfur and the Micronutrients

In my last article I discussed the Primary macronutrients in Hydroponic Fertilizer
and calcium which is considered a secondary macronutrient but which I think should be considered a primary. If you are interested in learning about the rest of the elements that make hydroponic fertilizer so effective, I’m going to lay out the basics here. After reading this article you’ll know what the other elements in hydroponic nutrients do.

Magnesium (Mg)
Magnesium is is important to plant growth primarily be cause it is a part of the chlorophyll that a green plan uses to make it’s food. It is also part of some important plant enzymes. Without magnesium the plant will be green and sickly.

Sulfur (S)
Sulfur does a lot of important jobs in green plants. It helps build chlorophyll and proteins. Sulfur is also improves root growth and seed production.With out sulfur the whole plant will be yellow and pale and the new leaves will show dead tips.

Iron (Fe)
Iron is essential for the formation of chlorophyll in your plants. Without iron the plant will develop pale leaves with dark green veins.

Copper (Cu)
Copper is inport and for plant reproduction and in the metabolism of the roots. Without copper the leaves of the plant will grow dark and the will often droop or curl up the symptoms appear on the new growth. The new growth will also be stunted.

Manganese (Mn)
Manganese plays a role in plant enzymes. with out manganese the plant grows slowly and the young leaves are pale often with a mottled apearence. In more severe cases the plant may not develop fruit.

Zinc (Zn)
Zinc is part of a lot of plant enzyme reactions and regulates especially having to do with the use of sugar and carbohydrates. Without zine a plant develops yellowing between the veins and stunted new growth with short internodes.

Boron (B)
Boron helps regulate other nutrients and helps the plant make sugar and carbohydrate. Without boron both stem and root growth is poor and seeds and fruit develop poorly.

Molybdenum (Mo)
Molybdenum helps a plant use Nitrogen. Because it plays a role inthe plants use of nitrogen the symptoms of molybdenum deficiency look a lot like nitrogen defiency. with out molybdenum the older leaves yellow and the newer leaves become light green. sometimes the new growth is also distorted.

Chlorine takes part in the photosynthesis reaction.Without chlorine the plant will develop chlorosis ( pale space between veins in the leaves) and wilty young leaves. In severe cases the underside of the leaves can develop a bronze look.

There you have it the basic elements  in hydroponic fertilizer. When mixed together with good water they provide all  a plant needs to be healthy fertilizer a plant needs to be healthy.

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