The Basics of Indoor Home Hydroponics

Growing indoor plants at home successfully using hydroponics comes down to controlling environmental factors. If you want to grow plants hydroponically you need to control the light, the nutrient solution and air supply.
One of the most important factors you need to control while growing indoors is the light. You need to supply enough light for the best growth but at the same time you need to make sure you don’t provide so much light you burn your plants or overheat your growing space. You can choose to use artificial light from metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent or leds to provide the all the light your plants need. Or you can use sunlight and use an artificial light just to supplement the light supply so you can grow plants that require more light.
Another important factor to control is the nutrient solution. When growing hydroponically the nutrient solution provides your plants with all the food they need to grow as well as the water they need to survive.since there is no soil to provide nutrients your fertilizer must be complete, with all the macro and micro nutrients a plant needs. It must also be mixed to the correct strength. If it is too strong the nutrient solution can burn the plants roots and kill the plant because they won’t be able to absorb water. If it is too weak it can slow plant growth and cause the plant to develop nutrient deficiencies.
The final important environmental factor that needs to be controlled is air supply. Plants need both carbon dioxide and oxygen. The carbon dioxide is used in the process of photosynthesis which the plant uses to make sugar for food. The oxygen is needed both around the root and around the foliage. Plants produce oxygen but remember they also use it just like you. If you want to grow healthy hydroponic plants make sure that there is a healthy amount of oxygen near the roots and enough air movement around the leaves so that the plant can get both enough oxygen and enough carbon dioxide.
Growing indoor hydroponic plants can seem very complicated. But if you can control the most important environmental factors you will find it as easy or easier than growing using soil.

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