Kitchen Compost Bin

A kitchen compost bin is one of the first tools you should get when you decide to make compost kitchen waste for you garden. You’ll find that a indoor compost bin will make your life easier and the composting experience more pleasant.
As anyone who has tried saving food waste for the garden can tell you it is not always convenient. Making multiple trips out  to the garden to deposit the food waste in the garden compost bin can be time a bother  especially if you compost bin is located away from you kitchen. The home composter  must also contend with the odor of the decaying food, the pests the kitchen compost  bin can attract and  the unattractiveness of the  container of old food. But a  kitchen compost bin can eliminate these problems and make it more likely that  the food waste makes it to the garden.

Using a Kitchen Compost Bin

The idea of  a kitchen compost bin is simple. Rahter that having to make a trip out to your  outdoor compost pile after every meal. You keep a container inside and consolidate  your multiple trips into one a day or one every other day.
The bin can be kept on the kitchen counter or it can be kept under the kitchen sink to keep it out of sight.  you can use anything from a 5 gallon bucket with lid to a metal coffee can to a gallon plastic Ice cream container. Your bin should be big enough to hold a day’s worth of food waste at least.
When filing your kitchen compost bin you should  make sure you  add some newspaper to the bottom of the container  to absorb excess moisture and when  you empty you container you should be sure to clean you contianer after you empty it in the compost pile outdoors

Choosing a Kitchen compost bin

When choosing your kitchen compost bin you need to decide  on what kind of bin  you want . Most compost bins are made of plastic, pottery(glazed ceramics) or metal. Each material has it own advantages and disadvantages.

The most common kitchen compost bin material is plastic. plastic has several advantages. Plastic compost bins are light weight the come in a variety of colors. they are water proof and contain odor well. They also can come with a variety of useful features such as carbon filters to contrl odor and spigots to drain off excess moisture. The disadvantages of plastic compost containers is they can some times be flimsy with hinges that  break after minimal use and some people find plastic containers unattractive. All in all plastic indoor compost bins are a good choice especially when you consider you can  make your own out old recycled plastic bucket with a lid or large plastic food container very inexpensively.

The next possible choice  for a a kitchen compost container is ceramic  or crockery. This is probably one of he most aesthetically pleasing choices  for a compost pail be cause it will look good right out on the counter. The main disadvantages of this kind of compost crock is  they tend to be heavier then the alternatives making it more of a chore  to carry it out to the compost pile and they tend to be more expensive then plastic containers.

The third option for kitchen compost containers is metal.  Metal compost containers come in a variety of colors as well as stainless steel.  They come with handles and can come with carbon filters and they have the advantage of not cracking or shattering like plastic or cermaic containers can. Metal kitchen compost bins do tend to be expensive but they are a good choice especially if thy match you decor and you are keeping them out on the counter.


Composting your kitchen waste is an excellent way to improve you garden soil but it can have it’s draw backs. theese drawbacks include attracting pest , odors and being unsightly. By using  a kitchen compost bin you can minimize these problems and make the composting process more convenient.

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